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International Affairs News

International Affairs News

As UC Riverside's international ambassadors, we foster global engagement. We connect students and faculty at UCR with opportunities to work and learn abroad. We also work with internal and external partners to help international students, research scholars, and staff come to UC Riverside.


Calling all Highlanders – Where in the world are you?!

Connect with us! Do you have an international experience to share? Did you learn, intern, or conduct research abroad? Are you an international alumnus who wants to reconnect? Do you have a group of UCR Alumni in your area? Please share your photos and stories with us. We’d love to hear how UCR has impacted your life and career. Email us at internationalaffairs@ucr.edu

Want to connect with us on Instagram? Post a photo, share your favorite UCR memory, use the hashtag #UCRAroundTheWorld, and tag us @UCRInternationalAffairs.



Latest News and Updates

Winter 2021 Employee of the Quarter: Mely Fitzgerald

International Affairs is proud to announce that the Winter 2021 Employee of the Quarter is Mely Fitzgerald. Mely was nominated and selected by peers for her professionalism, dedication to International Affairs, and her collegiality. Mely Fitzgerald has a long history...

ISS Town Hall Discussion on Recent Violence Directed Toward Asians and Asian-Americans

Please join us for an end of-the-quarter ISS Town Hall on Thursday, March 25 at 9:00 a.m. pacific time. The increase in verbal attacks and physical violence directed toward Asians and Asian-Americans during the pandemic, most recently the horrific and...

Fall 2020 Employee of the Quarter: David Dai

As part of an ongoing strategy to build a healthy, inclusive, and supportive environment, International Affairs has launched a series of new recognition efforts to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding work our staff undertake each day. For Fall 2020, Wei...

UCR News

Virtual program links students around the globe
UC Riverside’s International Affairs shifted into a nearly 24/7 operation earlier this year, especially in its efforts to recruit new international students. The team spent thousands of hours redesigning programs for virtual platforms — all made accessible to students in the United States and around the world.  
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Graduation with a global perspective
An international education was key for these UCR students’ futures.
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List of student resources (UCR/Stan Lim)
Here are the many ways UCR is helping students right now
A list of available resources during this time of uncertainty.
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Australia enables UCR to dig into Earth’s wild past
Australian officials signed an agreement last night allowing UC Riverside to continue its pioneering research on a government-owned goldmine for unusual fossils. Nilpena Station is a city-sized plot of land in the Australian Outback. It harbors the richest collection on Earth of animal species around 550 million years old. Some of its fossil beds are the size of a tennis court and contain entire communities of organisms. 
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