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Highlander Abroad Advisory Committee

The Highlander Abroad Advisory Committee (HAAC) decides how the HAR funds should be allocated. Members work closely with Education Abroad office, voting for budget plan proposals that will best serve UCR’s student body.

The HAAC composed of thirteen members: seven undergraduate students* (with voting privileges), three staff members from the Education Abroad office (without voting privileges), two faculty members (without voting privileges), and one non-voting staff member to provide administrative support.

The 2020-21 undergraduate students are:

  • Alexa Mota Lopez
  • Janet Maringka
  • Lizbeth Marquez
  • Stephanie Bianca Santelices
  • Anuja Samant
  • Amanda To
  • Jonathan Young

For more information, read the committee Bylaws.


Past Years Undergraduate Students

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