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What We Do

Our Work

The staff and volunteers in International Affairs connect:

  • Current and incoming UCR students with opportunities to enrich their experiences through coursework and internships abroad.
  • International students and scholars with opportunities to enhance the UCR community with academic engagement, research, cultural events, and a unique perspective.
  • International scholars with the opportunity to enrich our research and teaching community.
  • UCR faculty and researchers to institutional partners around the world.


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Partial group photo of UCR's International Affairs Staff

We Serve You

We serve UC Riverside by:

  • Supporting UCR’s students and scholars in their personal, professional, and academic growth.
  • Helping UC Riverside students find, apply to, fund, and make the most out of international study and internship experiences.
  • Assisting students and scholars from other nations in navigating regulations, administrative matters, and cultural adjustment.
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas through curating relationships with other research institutions in key regions around the world.
  • Raising UC Riverside’s international profile as an inclusive, world-class research community.


Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance UCR’s position as an outstanding public research university by building a vibrant community where global knowledge, peoples, ideas, and skills are constantly evolving.
We believe international experiences are essential to professional and personal success in our increasingly global society.

How You Can Get Involved


Our Three Functional Areas


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International Affairs Leadership and Administration

International Affairs infuses a global dimension into the different aspects of UC Riverside, including teaching, research, and engagement. We work to elevate the university’s international profile, enhance UCR’s global impact, and expand outreach to community leaders, international alumni, and research partners around the world.

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Education Abroad

Education Abroad advises and supports students on outbound international programs and facilitates faculty-led education abroad programs at UC Riverside. We are UCR students' gateway to high-quality international opportunities offered through academic coursework, experiential learning, and cultural / language immersion.
We want UCR students to acquire skills necessary to succeed in a global marketplace through:

- transformative cross-cultural experiences
- foreign language learning
- identifying, articulating, and reflecting on their own values and beliefs while interacting with people of different cultures and contexts

We provide student support services, including advising, program counseling, and resource sharing. We also welcome UCR and non-UCR collaboration. Please let us know if you are interested in a class or conference presentation, facilitating new education abroad opportunities, or helping your students navigate the education abroad application process.

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International Students and Scholars

International Students and Scholars (ISS) advises, supports, and guides UCR international faculty, scholars, and students from more than 70 countries. In addition to providing legal and administrative guidance, we also offer programs to help our international cohort successfully integrate into the UCR community, get support, and adapt to life in the United States.

All UCR students are welcome to get involved with our intercultural programs. We are also happy to assist faculty and staff who are exploring ways to support our growing international student and scholar population.

Let us help you with your search