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Karsten Fields Receives 2022 Global Citizen Award

Karsten Fields

Major: Computer Science
Member of Highlander Abroad Advisory Committee
Studying abroad in Thailand (2022)
Recipient of the 2022 Global Citizen Award from Education Abroad


Karsten Fields has been an outstanding ambassador for Education Abroad at UCR. As a STEM student, Karsten knew that fitting an education abroad program into his academic plans could be a challenge, but he came to UCR with the motivation to make it happen. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic meant he had to adjust his plans (a few times). 

Getting involved with the Education Abroad office was a great way to enhance Karsten's global connections on campus. His work with EA led to the nomination for the Global Citizen Award.

The Global Citizen Award from Education Abroad recognizes undergraduate students who are dedicated to promoting international education, addressing global issues, and building an inclusive, welcoming community committed to global engagement, both on the UCR campus and in their travels around the world.

The nominator said Karsten is 'a true example of a student who embodies the four qualities of Tartan Soul. Even during a pandemic in which studying abroad seemed impossible, his outreach efforts has helped build future interest from STEM majors.'

three people in their 20s, one female standing between two males, with a waterfall and green trees behind them
Karsten Fields (on right) and friends visiting a waterfall while studying abroad in Thailand (May 2022).

Karsten says:

"Being recognized with the Global Citizen Award was and will always be a major honor. It is the first award I have received at UCR. Before I started college, education abroad was the first commitment I knew I wanted to pursue. I never would have thought that I would be working with the EA team, let alone earning the Global Citizen Award!"



What advice do you have for students who are nervous about studying abroad or think there is no way they can do it?

"We send hundreds of students abroad every year and many of them were previously worried about financial cost, not being able to graduate on time, personal safety, and much more. I strongly encourage the students whose concerns are preventing them from studying abroad to visit our office for a chat, or one of our information sessions. With so many misconceptions surrounding education abroad, it can be easy to disregard these amazing opportunities. For nearly everyone, studying abroad is the last chance to spend an extended time in another country as a young person before graduating college and entering the workforce. The people you meet abroad will become some of your closest friends, and you will create unforgettable memories!"


As a student leader in Education Abroad, why was it important for you to get involved? What have you learned? 

"Working with EA is similar to studying abroad itself. You will be presented with a variety of problems and questions many of which you might not have an answer to and this is part of becoming a better problem solver. Getting involved has never failed to improve my experience wherever I am. Moving forward and working on new projects is a great way to stay motivated and to learn time management. Additionally, I've found that being dynamic and getting involved in many different passions is extremely fulfilling, especially in college when many are still trying to figure out what they want to pursue."





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