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Faculty Led Education Abroad Programs (FLEAP)


Spend the summer traveling and learning alongside UCR classmates in UCR professor-taught courses on a Faculty Led Education Abroad Program (FLEAP).


FLEAP Highlights

  • Since you’ll be taking UCR classes, there are no additional steps to have your international courses count toward your degree or major.

  • Get to know your professor ahead of time or opt to take a course with a professor you already know.

  • Programs offered in the summer, so you can earn credits faster.

  • Earn 8 units of UCR credit by successfully completing two courses.

  • Learn in a small classroom setting, with a maximum of 20 students.

  • Take UC Riverside General Catalog coursestaught by UC Riverside faculty.

  • Take 8 units to be eligible for summer financial aid. If you are a visiting student, check with your home campus about financial aid.

  • While courses have a maximum number of students, they do also have a minimum. Check back often to make sure your classes are offered.


2023 Education Abroad Programs

Get started now and plan your summer adventure on a Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program! 


Drugs and Crime: Portugal Drug Policy 

Program is filled.

Media and Cultural Studies in Portugal
This program compares the crime policies of the United States and Portugal. Starting in the 1970s, the United States applied harsh policing and punishment to non-violent drug crimes in minority communities. This resulted in the mass incarceration of Black and Brown people, which has had negative generational impacts on minorities. Portugal, in contrast, began a public health approach in the early 2000s, which decriminalized personal drug use and reduced drug-related harms. Despite its more compassionate approach, Portugal’s violent crime averages are at least four times (sometimes nine times) less than in the US. 

To learn more and start your application, visit the program page on MyUCR Abroad


Startup Bootcamp: An International Perspective

Program is filled.

Computer Science in Japan
This program integrates two upper division courses Web Development (CS110) and Entrepreneurship in Computing (CS175) to create a program introducing students to what it's like to create or work at an early stage startup. Web Development (CS110) is primarily concerned with methods to create well crafted, tested, and documented web sites and services that can be easily extended and scaled to meet future needs. The students will learn about everything necessary to create and deploy modern web sites and services including tools, frameworks, patterns, and methods. Entrepreneurship in Computing (CS175) focuses on teaching the skills necessary to create a technology business such as ideation strategies, business model canvas generation, customer discovery, market validation, development of a minimum viable product (MVP) and product-market validation. The business side of this course teaches the students how to use customer discovery to identify their customers and the features that they truly need so the team is able to develop a product that solves a problem for their target customers. 

To learn more and start your application, visit the program page on MyUCR Abroad


Study Abroad in Japan

Program is filled.

Media and Cultural Studies in Japan
This program provides students the unique experience of studying modern Japanese history, culture and film while being immersed in contemporary Japanese society. This four-week study abroad program teaches students about Japan’s modernization through Japanese film and media (including literature and anime), with a focus on Japan’s relationship with the United States. Students will study the history of World War II, the transformative impact of the U.S. occupation of Japan and the history of social movements during the 1960s and 1970s. Students will also have the opportunity to train in martial arts and gain the experience of traveling in Japan, visit Hiroshima and Miyajima, and meeting some of Japan’s leading social movement activists.

To learn more and start your application, visit the program page on MyUCR Abroad


The Heritage Industry and the British Empire

Program is canceled.

History in England
​​This is a special double course about history in London and its relationship with the British Empire and the modern Heritage Industry. It is impossible to understand London and how its history is portrayed today without considering Britain’s empire and its relations with Europe. Over three centuries, from 1700-2000, Britain fought and defeated its rival European powers, and gained and lost the world’s largest empire. London was the center of it all. Unlike any city in the United States, London is at once the intellectual, governmental, bureaucratic, cultural, and economic center of an entire nation – and at one time of an empire ruling 25 percent of the world’s people and land. But London is also very much a product of its engagement with the British provinces, Europe, the empire, and other global forces – it was never an all-powerful force shaping other places to its interests. Immigration from the Roman Empire, from across Europe, and from what is now the former empire in Ireland, India, Africa, and the Caribbean, has profoundly shaped the city’s history over thousands of years. As we learn about the city and its development, we will question our assumptions about Britain, its people, and its past, about being in a foreign country, and about life in a world megalopolis.


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