Family members are welcome at UCR! 


Learn how to bring your immediate family to the U.S., obtain mandatory health insurance, connect with local childcare, and attend our family-friendly events! Let us help you thrive as a family at UCR. 


Before You Get Here



There are special visas just for dependents. If you would like your spouse and / or children to live with you while attending UCR, please contact us about getting them visas. 

The rules for working and studying may be different depending on their visa. For example, dependents of F-1 visa holders on F-2 visas are not permitted to work and may only study part time, while J-2 dependents may work with prior approval and may study without restriction. Please review details here to consider your options.



International students and their family members must be covered by health insurance while in the U.S. This is especially important for J-2 dependents because they must follow specific Department of State requirements.

As an international student, you may be able to add your dependents to your UCR insurance policy for an additional fee. Please contact Student Health Services for details. You may also purchase separate insurance plans for your dependents.


Once You Arrive



When your dependent arrives, please check in with us. You will need to complete a form so we may update the federal system. We are legally obligated to update this information.

Childcare and Schools

The UCR Child Development Center (CDC) offers safe, affordable childcare and kindergarten for children ages 2 months to 5 years old. It near the UCR campus and is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs. Subsidized childcare may be available to UCR students who qualify. There is a waiting list for the CDC. There are also other daycare and preschool options near UCR. 

Families with school-aged children should bring all previous academic records (original and in English) and immunization records (either issued through the World Health Organization or from your doctor). Children must have immunization records in order to enroll in school. Otherwise, they will be required to receive immunizations prior to enrollment.

Your child will be assigned to a school according to the location of your residence in Riverside. Please call the Riverside Unified School District at 951-788-7135 for specific information regarding enrollment and attendance guidelines.


Family-Friendly Programs


Being in a new country can be stressful and lonely, especially for family members. We put regular programs together to help you engage with the UCR community, get support, and explore. 


Join our Cultural Conversations Classes

Our weekly cultural conversations classes for international scholars and their spouses can help you make friends, create community, and practice your English language skills. All spouses of UCR visiting scholars are welcome to attend. Enjoy open dialogue and stimulating conversation with fellow students and staff. Discussion topics vary each week. See our calendar for upcoming meeting times. 


Come to an Event

From celebrating American holidays to exploring Californian history and culture through fun day trips, we can help you and your family explore your new home. See our calendar for upcoming events.