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The Education Abroad office is thrilled to work with you to send our students on once-in-a-lifetime experiences abroad! 

Going abroad gives students more confidence, makes them more competitive in the global job market and helps them succeed academically. The cost of going abroad can be comparable to studying on campus.

Read more about the benefits of going abroad.

We partner with faculty and staff within UCR to offer courses, process payment, transfer credits, and keep our students safe and healthy. 

  • For UCR Faculty

    One of our most popular education abroad offerings is the Faculty Led Education Abroad Program (FLEAP). Faculty just like you get to offer their students an unparalleled depth of instruction with experiences and hands-on fieldwork in the context of the course.

    We will work with you create a safe and engaging opportunity for your students to learn while traveling. As a FLEAP instructor, you get: 

    • To teach your course while you travel.
    • More competitive compensation than other education abroad programs.
    • Support staff like teaching assistants.
    • Lower minimum number of participants per program – 12 as opposed to the standard 15 through other program sponsors. This means you’re more likely to get approval for your course.
    • Control over your course material and how you deliver it.
    • More information in this brief FAQ.

    Reach out to Dr. Karolyn M. Andrews to discuss proposing your own course. 

    Want to have a student leader present to your class about education abroad opportunities? Click here to fill out the visit request form


    To propose a Faculty Led Education Abroad Program for Summer 2020, submit a proposal and draft budget by Monday, July 8, 2019. 

    Click here for a proposal form and budget template.


  • For Academic Advisors

    We’re here to help make the process of going abroad easier for your students. We’ll help your students find, apply to, and make the most of their education abroad experience.

    To keep things as streamlined as possible, we group education abroad opportunities into three types:

    • Faculty Led Education Abroad Program (FLEAP): UCR summer courses taught by UCR faculty.
      • These courses don’t need any special steps from you as they are regular UCR classes offering 8 units during the summer term.
      • Students need to get approval from the professor teaching the program before they apply. Get more information about the application process.
    • UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP): education abroad courses offered by the UC system-wide office.
      • Students need a signed Academic Planning form.
      • Read more about the application process.
      • Students need a Course Articulation form to get credit for their classes once they return.
      • Course articulation may delay graduation if not planned accordingly.
    • Opportunities Abroad (OAP): any non UCEAP or non UCR education abroad program. May include some UC courses that are not part of the UCEAP program.
      • Read more about the application process.
      • Students need a Course Articulation form to get credit for their classes once they return.
      • Course articulation may delay graduation if not planned accordingly.

    To learn more about Education Abroad grants and scholarships, visit our financial assistance page. 

  • Admissions Staff

    Education Abroad is a valuable experience for UCR students and a great recruitment conversation for prospective students and their families.

    More than just an "expensive vacation," education abroad provides UCR students with the opportunity to build important career and life skills. In today's global economy, education abroad is one of the most integral, enriching, and transformative components of a college career. Companies and graduate schools prefer candidates with experience living in a foreign country or the ability to work with people of other cultures. Education abroad provides the structure for students to acquire these skills, giving them an edge over the competition. 

    No matter who you are at UCR, we’re sure there’s some way to collaborate. Reach out today!

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